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I thought it would be a good idea, to do a tutorial, taking you through some of the basics of Paint Shop Pro 9. I believe that the versions are roughly the same, so whatever version you have, it should transfer easily.

Cropping and Resizing

To do any kind of graphic art, whether it be an Icon, blend or set. You will need to know how to crop and resize an image. For the purpose of this exercise I'm going to use This Image (Ooh nice isn't it. :) ) Now say you want to make an Icon. This is far to big, so you need to crop and resize it to be 100x100 pixels. To do this, you will need your cropping tool. This is on the left hand side of your interface, and the third button down. You click on this tool, and you can then mark out the area you'd like to use. Like so. I marked it out at 159x159 pixels. Now you double click, on the highlighted area. You are now left with a perfectly square image.

Now we get to resize the image to 100x100 pixels. This is easy to do. You go into your primary tool bar and click on <> A drop down menu will appear, scroll to <> The settings box will appear. Make sure the settings, are as I have them. here. And that's it! You can do whatever you want to your image now, to make a lovely Icon.
Type of Entry: Graphics
Type of Graphic: Sets
Number of Graphics: 4
Up for Grabs?: Yes
Artist Notes: Fill out the form (behind the cut) if taking, that way I can customize them for you.  Please don't forget to host yourself and credit.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Rather than being bombarded with questions left and right, I figured it best to have a frequently asked questions list that you can refer to first. If your question still isn’t answered, you’re welcome to post your question, here preferably.

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Welcome to Losing Integrity, a new graphic exchange community! Here, you can display your graphics for simple comment or critique, or put them up for grabs so that others can use your graphics on forums, their LJ, etc.

Right now, we’re new and just getting off the ground, but as we grow, so will our ideas. We have several stored up that just require more participants, so expect more and more interesting activities as we move along.


1. You must join to post or comment.

2. Every artist’s work is their own. Do not copy or claim their work as your own, and always credit the artist when using their work.

3. You may only use a graphic if the artist has given the liberty to do so. If they require you to post in the thread, etc., follow their instructions.

4. No hot linking to anything found here. If you don’t know what hot linking is, it happens when you don’t load a graphic to your own server, but instead, get the url off of the artist and use it.

5. You may post more than once a day, but if you have several graphics to post, please do so all at once.

6. Put anything larger than 500 x 500 (total - as in all graphics in the same post) behind a LJ cut.

7. Use this template when posting:

Type of Entry: (Graphics, Tutorial, Resource, etc.)
Type of Graphic:
Number of Graphics:
Up for Grabs?:
Artist Notes:


For a list of frequently asked questions, visit here.


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