FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Rather than being bombarded with questions left and right, I figured it best to have a frequently asked questions list that you can refer to first. If your question still isn’t answered, you’re welcome to post your question, here preferably.

About LJ (LiveJournal):

What is an LJ-Cut?

An LJ-Cut, as required here for larger posts, is a code placed in your post that from that point on, hides the rest of the post. This means that if I put the cut in the middle of my post, only half of the entry would show up on the main page, and when you clicked the link, it would direct you to the comments page, where you could see the rest of the entry. This keeps our main page, as well as our friends’ page neat and shorter.

How do I make an LJ-Cut?

An LJ-Cut is simple to make. You just type the code (or copy and paste it from here) and put in any variables you’d like, or, if you‘re using the Rich Text editor, rather than the HTML editor, you highlight the text you’d like to hide and click the LJ-Cut symbol (). A dialogue box pops up, and put whatever you’d like the link to read there (ex: “Graphics behind the cut.”).

The code is <lj-cut text="

If you want to start showing text again after the cut, put </lj-cut>.

When is an LJ-Cut needed and/or appropriate?

It is required in this community to cut your entry if any image you are posting is larger than 500 x 500 pixels, or if you have enough images that together they go over the allotted 500 x 500 pixel allowance.

With text, an LJ-Cut is not required, but it’s appropriate if your text runs more than a half page in Word.

Always leave at least your title template that says what type of entry you’re posting outside the cut, so that it can be read from the main page.

About losingintegrity:

Who runs this community?

This was a joint effort between hp4freek and twinkle41.  The idea was twinkle41, but we will both be running and maintaining this community.

What all do you offer here?

This community was originally intended to exchange and get critique on our graphics, but as our ideas grew, so did our intentions.  That remains the basis behind losingintegrity, but we’ve decided to offer more.

Since we both use two different, but very popular programs, we think that offering a variety of tutorials, from the basics to the complex will help our members greatly, as well as ourselves as we grow, because you‘ll be welcome to post your tutorials, too.

We have several other ideas, but you’ll have to join, keep regular, and wait and see.

What do I get for joining?

Well, a membership here, of course.  You’ll also be able to post your graphics, as well as comment on other’s graphics.  If you’re going to be using our graphics, or anyone in this community’s graphics, you’ll need to join to let us know and get your stuff personalized, as well.

What do I do if I see a graphic I’d like to use?

Each artist requires something different for using their graphics.  Some will have you comment on the post to let them know you’re using it, others will let you get it customized by commenting and requesting it so, and some want nothing at all.

Always remember to credit, though.  Even if an artist doesn’t require it, remember that if you don’t credit, it’s often mistaken as taking credit for it yourself, and that’s best to be avoided.